The Change Maker Profile™

The Change Maker Profile - Delta

The Change Maker Profile™ is a target-focused solution for those in the world of change and change management, which was developed in response to world-wide client demand.

Powered by The GC Index®, the Change Maker Profile™ leverages its framework of impact and contribution to support individuals, teams and organisations, throughout the transformational change process.

It is often used by organisations and individuals alongside other change management tools to give them the foundation to kick-start their change journey.

The profile allows people to understand how they can play to their natural strengths and maximise their contribution to change as an individual and as part of a team. 

The online profile takes just 5-10 minutes to complete and gives:

  • Individuals the insight to understand their role throughout every stage of the change process.
  • Individuals the tools to understand how they can play to their natural strengths and maximise their contribution to change.
  • Leaders the insight to understand what makes a game-changing team,
  • Leaders the tools and insight to define and assign roles roles and build teams effectively to support change.
  • Change management experts a framework, which can be used as part of their toolkit, to support the organisational design process and specific change interventions.

With research from McKinsey and Company showing 70% of all transformations fail there is a real need to ensure individuals understand their role throughout the change process.

The Change Maker Profile™ is a solution that opens up a tremendous opportunity for game-changing transformation.

Find out more about The Change Maker Profile and get a free chapter of Change Wisdom, an introduction to The Change Maker Profile.

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