At their very best Strategists bring excitement and energy to corporate tasks. They will enthuse and influence others with new, creative and innovative approaches to doing things. They tend to be more interested in the ideal rather than the real: genuine satisfaction comes more from generating the idea rather than realising it.

They will have the business acumen and analytical skills to convert ideas into commercially focused strategies.


Strategists are open to new ideas and possibilities. They can be imaginative, creative and opportunistic. They are typically excited by new ideas and their energy will come from sharing and influencing others with their ideas or from building upon the ideas of others.


They will lead with ideas and strategies. At the same time they can become bored with routine and detailed follow-through. They will have less energy for implementing ideas, for finishing and completing.

Some will be distractible, moving from one ‘exciting’ idea and possibility to the next.

Their lack of motivation for follow-through, means that Strategists need others around them who can convert their ideas into reality and tangible outcomes.