Scientific Framework

The GC Index® was created by Nathan Ott, Chief Polisher, and Dr John Mervyn-Smith, Chief Psychologist, in collaboration with Management Expert, Professor Adrian Furnham, following The DNA of a Game Changer Study.

There are a large variety of workforce and psychological assessment tools in the market but this is the only tool to measure proclivity – how individuals make their best impact, individually and collectively.

The team carried out thorough research to assess the validity and reliability before launching The GC Index®. It is compliant with the British Psychological Society and is uniquely designed around the fact everyone has the potential to make a game-changing contribution.

Over the past two years we have grown a network of hundreds of GCologists, across the world, who use The GC Index® and thousands of individuals have been assessed using The GC Index®.

The validity of the questions is tested on an ongoing basis in connection with our work with Professor Adrian Furnham.