At their very best Polishers embody the philosophy and practice of ‘continuous improvement’. They seek to set the standard for excellence within their role and organisation.

They can adopt products, processes and procedures with patience for incremental change, and constantly seek to improve them. At their best they will be able to understand and articulate the commercial, competitive advantage derived from continuous improvement.


Within any effective Polisher is a perfectionist nature. They derive energy and satisfaction from taking solutions and developing them to the point of perfection: excellence. By definition, they are comfortable with repetition and practice in pursuit of an outcome which isn’t just ‘good enough’.

At an extreme, they are obsessive. Their drive for continuous improvement and their striving for excellence will reflect a determined and tenacious nature.

They will be most challenged when they have to make a decision that a task is ‘good enough’ and merely ‘fit for purpose’.


At their best they will balance the challenge of ‘we can do better’ with the support of a ‘safe to fail culture’. They will be demanding, setting high standards for themselves and others. This focus upon stretching others will require a sophisticated skill set to do it well.