Play Maker


Play Makers, at their very best, invest in their relationships at work. Their focus is upon getting things done through the strength of their relationships and through shared endeavours and teamwork. They enable rather than delegate and take pleasure in seeing others ‘shine’. They like to get the very best from others.


Play Makers believe that once you get the relationships right then things naturally will happen and get done. They are instinctive ‘people gatherers’ who are happy for others to be in the spotlight. At their best they will know what makes people ‘tick’ and know how to motivate and influence them.


With a leaders ‘eye’ for what needs to be done, Play Makers will bring direction and focus to activity; they are comfortable leading and taking charge of people and situations. Imagine them as conductors of an orchestra, getting the very best from individuals and teams. At their best, they are able to see how people can make a contribution to broader objectives.