Implementers, at their very best, ‘get things done’, they deliver. Their philosophy and practice is one of practical and pragmatic problem solving.

They will often have a reputation as a ‘safe pair of hands’, someone who can be relied upon to get things done in a dependable way. They are outcome focused and will get things done without being a ‘slave to the process’.


Implementers are typically driven by the satisfaction that comes from tangible achievements. Consistent with this, they will enjoy the challenge of finding ways to do things, finding solutions to practical problems and ways around obstacles. They can be innovative and flexible in the process.

Their pragmatism is such that they can accept when an outcome is ‘good enough’ and ‘fit for purpose’.


Effective Implementers are typically high energy people, action and outcome focused. They will tend to ‘lead by example’  demonstrating resilience to setbacks.

They may tend to rely upon others for ideas and broader strategic direction given that their real strength and valued contribution is to make things happen. Nonetheless, effective Implementers need to be able to articulate the ‘why’ of action as well as the ‘how’.

They may also need to manage their frustration with ‘analysis paralysis’ or abstract notions that don’t fit with real, operational needs. Effective Implementers will have developed the skills to help others (Strategists) ‘test’ ideas and turn them into a reality.