Institute of Leadership & Management – How to identify and lead your ‘game changing’ talent

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Nathan Ott, CEO of eg.1, writes for the Institute of Leadership and Management on managing a Game Changer and how to adopt a new mindset.

A new study from eg.1 and Dialogue, The DNA of a Game Changer, shows that Game Changers exist at every level of our organisations from the shop floor right up to the CEO. In fact the research finds 84% of leaders believe people can change the game in their company without having to be put in a senior management position.

However, the issue currently being faced is that without the right business culture or management mindset these individuals leave organisations as a result of being stifled, get removed for being too disruptive, or simply become the “vanilla” and conform to the continuum of corporate complacency.
It’s now up to business management to move to a different culture to attract, retain, nurture and develop this diverse group of individuals and in doing so, allow them to drive a disproportionate value.

See the full article online at the Institute of Leadership and Management.