Game Changer


Game Changers see possibilities. They see ways of doing things that others don’t. They have a way to imagine how things could be and when they become obsessed with an idea, how things should be.

Their potential contribution to an organisation is that radical rather than incremental change.


Once they have an idea, they can feel compelled to turn it into a reality. They can become obsessed with this process. This high level of perseverance is unlikely to be deterred by set back or failure. Indeed, failure for Game Changers is often seen as an opportunity to learn, to perfect.

They don’t feel constrained by a need to build upon what has gone before or by ‘tried and tested’ ways of doing things.


Game Changers may often be seen as inflexible, tenacious to the point of being a ‘dog with a bone’. Their single-minded nature may mean that they are not seen as open to influence and this will distort relationships for some. At their best, they will lead through the power of ideas and possibilities.