Kevin Wyke

I am a creative and innovative organisational and leadership development consultant, facilitator and coach and with over 25 years experience in both frontline NHS service delivery and strategic organisational and workforce development.

My work brings innovative thinking and creative approaches to connect and engage individuals, teams and communities in challenges, helping them to understand and unlock their resourcefulness and realise their potential.  This has included National NHS Hackathon events, large scale regional Unconferences and Open Space events, developing radically different  relationships with citizens through strengths based conversations and Asset/Strengths Based Community Development across Manchester and much more. I bring positive, dynamic energy, creativity and enjoyment to my work, inspiring, challenging and helping people to make small steps or huge leaps, with a smile on their faces.

I am a Faculty member of both the NHS Leadership Academy working with NHS Top Leaders and Leeds University’s Centre for Innovation in Healthcare Management.

07944 513977