Jonathan Blain

Jonathan Blain is a seasoned “Game Changer” (10/10 on the Game Change Index); thought leader, innovator and pioneer, a bestselling author of 12 non-fiction books ($3.8M+ sales) on business, technology, entrepreneurship, sales, personal development and careers, and an entrepreneur who has made and lost £millions / achieved a record breaking IPO. He served as CEO of a publicly quoted company for 5 years, and also as MD of a FTSE 100 subsidiary.

Originally a Royal Naval Officer, Jonathan has experience internationally in the public, private, and not for profit sectors, in small, medium, and large sized organisations, including ten years with the Mobil Oil Corporation, (then the world’s fourth largest company). Jonathan is most comfortable at the vanguard / leading edge of progress, human endeavour and enterprise. His greatest motivation in life is to “make a difference”; strategic thinking and creative imagination are Jonathan’s forte; ingenious and resourceful, he sees the ways things are, and knows what to do about it to make it better. He quickly and accurately understands people and situations.

Talented at observing and measuring the worth of people and things, and causing them to function well together; able to lead others towards the right ideas and right direction, and the best solutions. Loves solving problems, driving improvements and creating exciting and powerful new opportunities with huge potential. His work has previously been endorsed by many top leaders, including nine heads of UK top 1,000 companies including: Apple, Sony, Carphone Warehouse, St James’s Place, and the Director General of the Institute of Directors.