Christian Malissard

Christian G. Malissard is an Executive Advisor and Executive Coach focusing on Management performance, Team Motivation, Team Building, Sales Performance improvement, Executive Advisory and Executive Coaching. Being quintessentially French but also having lived in Britain for more than 20 years, he is equipped with the best attributes of both cultures.

Additionally, his successful entrepreneurial activity as an Executive Advisor and Coach, in combination to his more than 17 years of successful experience in various international and senior positions within blue chip firms, renders him a highly effective and highly trained modern international businessman with strong business acumen.

With a mindset where ‘everything has to make sense, be scientific and work in the real world’, Christian’s objective is to achieve real world, tangible results for his clients. Continuing his education with an MBA in Finance from the French Sorbonne University, gave him a robust and rigorous grounding in exercising international senior management functions.

Christian started his career with Texas Instrument where he learnt the R&D world and the paramount need for sellable technology innovation. He moved then to Sun Microsystem where he learned to sell high-end technologies to strategic accounts and to manage the French sales department. He was then hired by EDS, a top outsourcer to manage the Oil & Gas division. At EDS Christian learnt the high-end complex deal negotiation and the importance of acting as a Trusted Business Advisor to C level clients.

Then Christian was asked by AT&T EMEA to run their strategy, their business development, their marketing and sales, out of London, their European head quarters. At AT&T, Christian as EMEA SVP learnt the corporate governance and manoeuvre through the politics, developed an international account strategy, and managed successfully a large team over 17 countries.

At this period and already involved for some years as a non-executive director in various new companies within the largest European VC “3i” portfolio; Christian appraised the value of working with an “Executive Advisor” & “Mentor” and the value of developing high performing teams.

It soon became evident that the logical evolution for him would be to set up his own Executive Advisory practice, named ‘Eagle Performance’.

Since 2000, Christian has developed long-term relationships with more than 60 companies all over the world from the UK, France and many countries in continental Europe, Latin America and USA.

Having gained expertise in senior executives’ advisory, team motivation, team building, sales performance improvement and Executive Coaching, in 2005 he was invited by BFM, the French economical and financial radio & TV network to design, facilitate and coach the “BFM Business Academy” where each week two selected business leaders were invited to pitch in front of Christian who then coached them “live”.

Christian’s programme was nominated as the “best business programme’’ and for the last 6 years, the BFM Academy was promoted to “programme of the year” by business magazines, obtaining substantial sponsors.

Currently, Eagle Performance is a successful, fast growing Executive Advisory and Leadership Development practice, delivering Executive Advisory on Strategic plans, on Senior Team Building, on Go to Market & Deals Optimisation & SPV Mediation everywhere in the world and to any kind of industry.

Christian is also acting as many SPVs CTO (Chief Trust Officer)
Eagle Performance works with more than 50 multinational firms.

Leveraging its unique ©CoachWare, Eagle Performance constitutes a remarkable & unforgettable long-term partner.

Christian is regularly invited as a strategic seminar facilitator, as a keynote speaker at conferences, conventions and kick off seminars.

Participants like his energy, provocative sense of humour and his observation power of the corporate life with his international experience.