Digital Maturity Model

A new tool to navigate the maze of digital transformationtmforum - 2018

How effectively are teams delivering transformation in your business? Does everyone understand the role they can play in securing game-changing outputs? Is your organisational culture nurturing the change that needs to happen?


The GC Index® has partnered with the TM Forum, the global industry association that drives digital transformation of the communications industry, to their Digital Maturity Model (DMM) and assist organisations and leaders with their digital transformation journey.

The DMM is a tool, which has been endorsed by industry leaders, that allows communications service providers (CSPs) to assess their digital maturity and plan their digital transformation across their entire organisation.


The new model will help enhance your digital journey by:

  • Shifting traditional business and operating models, cultures and infrastructures.
  • Developing new ideas into digital services and revenue streams.
  • Creating a common language of impact and innovation.
  • Aligning everybody to make an impact on the digital transformation journey.
“The GC Index quickly enabled us to understand and communicate how each member of our team could best contribute and make an impact in the process of transformational change.”
Pascal Viginier Group CIO, Orange