Peter Markussen

 “The game-changing challenge was a fantastic way to get new input and perspectives to our challenge from a diverse group of individuals. The radical process students went through to understand the challenge and come up with ideas that was really interesting – this has helped us question ourselves and look at things from a very […]

Bjørn Bekkevold

“The game-changing talent competition worked perfectly. By changing the value chain from ‘Producer to Consumer’ to ‘Consumer to Producer’ students got to understand what XTN is very quickly. Structuring the challenge in this way meant they came up with some incredibly creative solutions as to how we can reach the consumers, which we will be […]

Mark Concannon

“The GC Index® framework has lifted the team at Leica Geosystems to the next level – it’s given the team the skills, insight and confidence to step up and look for ways to drive growth”

Eleanor Allen

“We have begun training Water For People employees on The GC Index and are rolling it out to all our employees around the world. It is a powerful tool to identify and optimize different leadership styles to be a game-changing organization. We are getting even better prepared to really change the world!”

Mike Ksenyak

“The GC Index is giving our employees a language to better discuss leadership, impact and collaboration. This methodology will contribute to Water For People achieving our mission around the world.”

Pascal Viginier

“The GC Index quickly enabled us to understand and communicate how each member of our team could best contribute and make an impact in the process of transformational change.”

Sietske Jacobs

“Initiate! is a programme that invites young talent to interact with the industry and present themselves to their future employer.  Initiate! is proud to be partnering with The GC Index in enabling these young people to make a game changing impact and truly connect to the business.”


“We see The GC Index as our competitive advantage”

Game Changer

“My boss was amazing – she put me forward to work on interesting projects and knew exactly where I could add value. She gave me the freedom to work how I wanted and didn’t stifle me with unnecessary questions.”