Our Clients

We work with a range of organisations and teams across both the public sector and private sector.

Here are just some of the businesses we have supported:


We have begun training Water For People employees on The GC Index and are rolling it out to all our employees around the world. It is a powerful tool to identify and optimize different leadership styles to be a game-changing organization. We are getting even better prepared to really change the world!

Eleanor Allen, CEO, Water for People

The GC Index is giving our employees a language to better discuss leadership, impact and collaboration. This methodology will contribute to Water For People achieving our mission around the world.

Mike Ksenyak, Water For People

The GC Index quickly enabled us to understand and communicate how each member of our team could best contribute and make an impact in the process of transformational change.

Pascal Viginier, Group CIO, Orange

Initiate! is a programme that invites young talent to interact with the industry and present themselves to their future employer.  Initiate! is proud to be partnering with The GC Index in enabling these young people to make a game changing impact and truly connect to the business.

Sietske Jacobs, Programme Manager, Synergy Initiate!

With The GC Index, you are changing people’s realities

HR Change Management Manager, Italian global bank

We see The GC Index as our competitive advantage

COO, Global Project Management Consultancy

My boss was amazing – she put me forward to work on interesting projects and knew exactly where I could add value. She gave me the freedom to work how I wanted and didn’t stifle me with unnecessary questions.

Game Changer, Professional Services Partnership

They said they wanted someone who was creative and could drive innovation. I quickly realised this was not the case – the board just wanted us to do as we were told. But this was having no impact so I had to leave.

Director of a small business

We didn’t have any hard and fast rules in our family. The only rules we had were to have good manners and be considerate.

Game Changer. Local Government

I lost heart and felt claustrophobic, so I left corporate life and set up on my own. There was too much red tape, too many barriers and too many people ready to dismiss my ideas without listening to them.

Game Changer & Entrepreneur

I have always been called ‘disruptive’ from school through to my working life. I find the ‘disruptive’ moniker very negative and not something I can relate to. This Game Changer movement has answered many questions that I have wrestled with about myself and how I can impact a team or organisation.

Game Changer, Telecoms Sector

Being a Game Changer can be a lonely place. I often felt out of place – like I was being judged. Quite often it felt like colleagues had formed an opinion of me before they’d even met me.

Marketing Executive

Honestly – I feel less of an idiot after reading both reports. I have genuinely been frustrated with my ‘skill set’ for as long as I can remember – I have always found it impossible to explain how I feel to myself or others. This report makes me feel like I do have a role.


The GC Index is a valuable tool. We have used a number of other assessment tools but the GC Index offers something unique and it is easy to apply in the workplace.

Jo Lewis, Talent & Transformation Manager at TM Forum

Out of any assessment I have ever done, this is the one I feel is the MOST like I actually am….

Careers Advisor

I was feeling exhausted and disillusioned at work but The GC Index has given me the tools to take charge of my own game and empowered me to start shaping the future career I want, rather than the one I have fallen into. It’s given me the confidence to stop trying to be something I’m not and to start focusing on my strengths.

Marketing Manager