Vicki McLeod BWVicki MacLeod is a digital transformation expert with a considerable experience in Australia and Europe in microeconomic reform and deregulation of the telecommunications sector.

She has first hand understanding of the challenges of innovation and culture change. As a former Executive Director of the London-based International Institute of Communications, and a consultant on innovation policy and regulation, Vicki has explored many of the issues arising from the digital and social revolution brought about by the convergence of the communications sector.

She has spent many years advising on global trends and policy directions in the ICT industry, for both government and industry. As Secretary-General of the Global Telecom Women’s Network (GTWN) she has also been a strong advocate of the role and contribution of women to the communications sector, and has been author and editor of a number of publications on digital transformation, women entrepreneurs and innovation culture in the tech sector.

Vicki is currently Global Strategic Advisor with London-based Perfect Ltd.