GC MartinMartin Geddes is an authority on the future of the telecoms industry, ranging from emerging business models to new network technologies. He is a futurologist, writer, speaker, consultant, and technologist. Martin is currently writing a book, The Internet is just a prototype, on the future of distributed computing.

He is formerly Strategy Director at BT’s network division, and Chief Analyst and co-founder at Telco 2.0. Martin previously worked on a pioneering mobile web project at Sprint, where he was a named inventor on nine granted patents, and at Oracle as a specialist in high-scalability databases.


To serve his clients, Martin brings a distinct combination of skills and experiences:

•an understanding of network performance engineering that isn’t taught anywhere;
•co-founder of the Hypervoice Consortium, the industry association for value-added voice services;
•consulting experience at a strategic level for multinational operators and vendors;
•practical experience of opening up a telco as an application platform;
•deep technical knowledge of both IT and telecoms;
•strong awareness of organisational development and inter-personal issues;
•a diverse network of contacts across the telecoms-media-technology ecosystem.