Month: October 2016

Procurious – The Mindset Shift


THE MINDSET SHIFT THAT WILL HELP YOU CHANGE THE GAME. You’ve got a great idea. You’ve built it and grown it. But have you got the understanding of what’s required to make a game changing impact? To coincide with his Procurious podcast, The GC Index’s CEO, Nathan Ott, has written a blog on how to… Read more »

Psychology Today – The Anatomy of a Game Changer

Dr GC The names GC website

WHAT IS IT ABOUT PEOPLE WITH GREAT BUSINESS INSIGHT AND CREATIVITY? The search is on: For real sustainable growth and success we need  people whose insights, visions and actions really change things. They are more than simply high flyers from the talent group. They are not just disruptive either. They seem to be different. They… Read more »

Professor Adrian Furnham tells The GC Index story

Adrian Furnham2

PROFESSOR ADRIAN FURNHAM TELLS THE GC INDEX STORY We interviewed Professor Adrian Furnham, Management Expert and Professor of Psychology, as part of our new GCI video series. Here, Professor Adrian Furnham talks about the story behind The GC Index and discusses how organisations are using it to support transformational change.   To hear more from… Read more »