Month: June 2016

Procurious – Are you one of procurement’s game changers?


ARE YOU ONE OF PROCUREMENT’S GAME CHANGERS? Procurious founder Tania Seary talks about Game Changers, disruptors and collaboration in the Procurement industry. Tania looks at The GC Index and the way organisations are using it to make sure their teams are working to their strengths and capabilities – it’s not all about the game changers! –… Read more »

Facilities Management – There’s no such thing as a perfect leader


THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS A PERFECT LEADER eg.1 CEO Nathan Ott, wrote and article in Facilities Management publication ‘Facilities Show Daily’. Nathan looks at why there is no such thing as the perfect leader and what processes organisations can put in place to ensure a well balanced team of mixed capabilities and strengths. To… Read more »