Month: October 2015

Changing the future of your organisation


HOW DO WE PLAY THE GAME? Last week, Heads of HR, senior directors and Game Changers gathered at The London Edition for an exclusive workshop to discuss the role of Game Changers in the corporate world. The event sparked a lively debate with some of the UK’s leading organisations and consultancies agreeing upon the pressing… Read more »

CIPD – Interview with Adrian Furnham


WHY OUR TRADITIONAL APPROACH TO HIGH POTENTIAL MEANS WE MISS OUT ON SUPERSTARS Psychologist Adrian Furnham was interviewed by the CIPD on why our traditional approach to high potential means we miss out on the real superstars. Few of us would relish managing an employee who routinely described his subordinates as ‘idiots’ or expected staff… Read more »

Real Business – Do you have a Game Changer in your business?


Do you have a Game Changer in your business? For small businesses, learning to recognise and nurture game changers is particularly important – they can have a disproportionately positive impact if managed properly. Our study, The DNA of a Game Changer, identifies their key traits. The Game Changers are the people who are constantly submitting ideas, who… Read more »

The Sunday Times – On Your Head: Find your Game Changer

Adrian Furnham2

ON YOUR HEAD: FIND YOUR GAME CHANGER Every so often they come along, people whose insights, visions and actions really change things. They are more than simply high-flyers, and they are not just disruptive either. They seem to be different. They are called game changers. See the full article with Adrian Furnham on The Sunday Times.