Month: September 2015

Chartered Management Institute – Spotting the game-changers to drive your business forward

Dr. John Mervyn-Smith
Co-Founder and Chief Psychologist

SPOTTING THE GAME-CHANGERS TO DRIVE YOUR BUSINESS FORWARD eg.1’s Chief Psychologist, Dr. John Mervyn-Smith, talks about The GC Index and says that “employers will benefit from gaining an empirical assessment of just how their staff work and what makes them tick. For the last three decades, talent development has focused largely upon identifying those individuals… Read more »

Digital Marketing Magazine – Are you changing the game?

Are you changing the game

DIGITAL DISRUPTION IS INEVITABLE. Leaders are crying out for people who have the ability to change their organisations landscape. These individuals are the people who have the ability to completely upend the way a particular organisation, market or industry works – they are the Game Changers. Nathan Ott, eg.1 CEO, looks at how a certain… Read more »

Dialogue Review – Is a game changer hiding in your company?


IS A GAME CHANGER HIDING IN YOUR COMPANY? Nathan Ott, eg.1 CEO, was interviewed by Dialogue Review on the release of the ground breaking instrument to help businesses identify their potential game changers. Being a game changer is nothing to do with status, he says. He adds: “It doesn’t matter whether the individual is a… Read more »

New instrument launched to help businesses identify Game Changers

gc index logo

NEW INSTRUMENT LAUNCHED TO HELP BUSINESSES IDENTIFY GAME CHANGERS eg.1, has launched The GC Index in partnership with Adrian Furnham, Management Expert and Professor of Psychology, following on from research published earlier this year. The GC index enables organisations to identify their Game Changers at all levels, allowing these individuals to thrive and deliver outstanding results…. Read more »

TM Forum – A Game Changer is born


A GAME CHANGER IS BORN In a recent TM Forum article, Nathan Ott, eg.1 CEO, talks about the 2015 ‘The DNA of a Game Changer’ study and considers the traits that Game Changers have. As Richard Branson once pointed out, Game Changers are rarely “normal people”. See the full article here.