Month: May 2015

City AM – Game Changers: How to get them to full potential

Simple Simon

IT’S VITAL THAT TRADITIONAL STRUCTURES DON’T STIFLE THESE INVALUABLE EMPLOYEES In today’s City A.M. eg.1 CEO, Nathan Ott, talks about Game Changers and how to bring them to full potential. Game Changers are innovative and creative and must be given the chance to be who they are, so remove the reigns, don’t stifle them and allow freedom… Read more »

ChangeBoard – The Beautiful Game (Changers)


THE BEAUTIFUL GAME (CHANGERS) Fostering a culture within which game-changing individuals can thrive will deliver outstanding results for organisations. Do you see employees who have creativity and ideas as threats or as an inspiration? Do you want to carry on as normal because “it’s the way we do things round here” or are you willing… Read more »

Training Journal – Discover your unique talent to identify Game Changers


DISCOVER YOUR UNIQUE TALENT TO IDENTIFY GAME CHANGERS All organisations dream of having that something special, those employees with an unbelievably unique talent whose visions and actions have the potential to really change the way things are done around the business. Read more at The Training Journal.