Month: April 2015

CEO Magazine – Are you Changing the Game?


ARE YOU CHANGING THE GAME? eg.1 CEO, Nathan Ott, writes as a guest blogger for CEO Magazine. Nathan considers the need to challenge and shake up organisations, to nurture and encourage Game Changers who are not necessarily the organisation’s leaders. Are you a Game Changer? Do you work with one? Our ‘The DNA of a Game… Read more »

The Guardian – Help your organisation embrace and nurture change in a fast-moving world


HOW CAN ORGANISATIONS BEST STIMULATE AND NURTURE PROGRESS? eg.1 CEO, Nathan Ott, took part in a NFP Interchange forum designed to bring together non-executive directors of not-for-profit organisations and individuals to debate topics relevant to charity, housing and education. The forum entitled ‘From Caterpillar to Butterfly – the world of transformational change’ took place in… Read more »