Month: February 2015

Cezanne HR – How HR can become a game-changer

Game Changers Infographic

HOW HR CAN BECOME A GAME-CHANGER Based on ‘The DNA of a Game Changer’, Cezanne HR blog looks at some of the key characteristics Game Changers possess and how HR practitioners can develop and apply these qualities to the way they approach their role. See the Cezanne HR blog here.

33 Voices – eg.1 CEO interviewed


eg.1 CEO, DISCUSSES THE DNA OF GAME CHANGERS WITH MOE ABDOU OF 33 VOICES Moe and Nathan discuss the combination of characteristics, not just one in isolation, that come together to create the DNA of a Game Changer. These characteristics include: Big Picture Thinkers Very Strategic High on Vigour Creative Idea Generators Passionate About The Idea Ambitious… Read more »

David Woods – Give Game Changers room to grow, their potential is limitless

David Woods Photo

GIVE GAME CHANGERS ROOM TO GROW, THEIR POTENTIAL IS LIMITLESS David Woods, Editorial Director of Dialogue, talks about the similarities between The Imitation Game and The DNA of a Game Changer. Throughout January, Hollywood production companies launch what they believe to be the best films of the year and yesterday I was lucky enough to see… Read more »