Month: January 2015

Recruitment Agency Now – Many organisations failing to attract ‘game changers’


MANY ORGANISATIONS FAILING TO ATTRACT ‘GAME CHANGERS’ A major shift in traditional recruitment practices is needed if employers want to identify candidates who are ‘game changers’. That’s according to new research from business insight and talent consultancy eg.1, which suggests many organisations are failing to attract people that could bring special qualities to a role…. Read more »

HR Director – New research identifies the DNA of a Game Changer


NEW RESEARCH IDENTIFIES THE DNA OF A GAME CHANGER The HR Director ran a feature on The DNA of a Game Changer report. The article looked at how the report created a platform to change the face of recruitment, talent management and operational design. Nathan Ott, eg.1 CEO, explains how Game Changers are wired differently… Read more »

eg.1’s CEO explains his Game Changers inspiration


eg.1’S CEO EXPLAINS HIS GAME CHANGERS INSPIRATION So why commission a report into Game Changers? Nathan Ott, CEO of eg.1, explains where his inspiration came from. For over 15 years I have sat across the table from senior executives trying to help them describe the key talent they need to drive their businesses forward. Typically,… Read more »

Training Journal – Organisations are failing to spot Game Changers

Training Journal

ORGANISATIONS ARE FAILING TO SPOT GAME CHANGERS The research conducted for ‘The DNA of a Game Changer’ revealed that 18 per cent of leaders say Game Changers are the most sought after group when recruiting. A further 84 per cent of leaders/managers do not believe a Game Changer has to hold a senior role in an… Read more »

The Sunday Times – Let loose the Game Changers


LET LOOSE THE GAME CHANGERS Some people can transform a firm — and they don’t have to be in the boardroom. A “game changer”, according our new survey, displays qualities such as strategic thinking, ambition and risk-taking. “These are individuals at all levels of organisations that can change an organisation,” said Nathan Ott, CEO at eg.1. Visit… Read more »

OnRec – How to identify the real Game Changers


A MAJOR SHIFT IN TRADITIONAL RECRUITMENT PRACTICES IS REQUIRED TO IDENTIFY THE REAL GAME CHANGERS Today eg.1 has released new research – The DNA of a Game Changer – which suggests many organisations are failing to attract the real Game Changers: With almost three quarters (72%) of leaders/senior managers saying less than 11% of their employees… Read more »

Dialogue Magazine – Does your DNA make you a Game Changer?

game-changer fish

eg.1 CEO Nathan Ott and David Woods of Dialogue discuss the results of an eg.1 commissioned study into ‘The DNA of a Game Changer’. Ott and Woods look at methodology, the qualitative and quantitative results, what makes a game changer, what behaviours do they possess and where a game changer might add most value. To… Read more »

Financial Times – The cleaner who soared all the way to the board

Dr. John Mervyn-Smith
Co-Founder and Chief Psychologist

THE CLEANER WHO SOARED ALL THE WAY TO THE BOARD John Mervyn-Smith, Chief Psychologist at eg.1, was interviewed by the Financial Times. The article focuses on the premise that potential leaders don’t always look like leaders and their gifts may not be recognised. Experts discuss how organisations can identify and develop “rough-edged” talent that lies… Read more »

HR Magazine – The DNA of a Game Changer


THE DNA OF A GAME CHANGER The HR Magazine ran an article on Game Changers and how they can make a huge difference to a business as long as you know where to find them. In the article they included stats, taken from the eg.1 commissioned report ‘The DNA of a Game Changer’ on how… Read more »